About Us

  • Want to buy a property that fits your budget? Yas Sir.
  • Need consultancy for your brand new office building? Yas Sir.
  • Require best quality construction material? Yas Sir.
  • Want to associate in order to reach out to maximum people through the internet? Yas Sir.

“Yas Sir” is an accessible and convenient platform of Local Search Service. It is an avant-grade maneuver of Sanam Kadiya, Yamini Pandya and Keyur Kadiya launched in 2018, with headquarters located at Gandhinagar.

Yas Sir is a bridge, bonding the buyers and the sellers across Gujarat and serves as a virtual market in acquiring all the building materials from the vendors of your choice along with fitting the requirements in the budget of your choice.

Yas Sir is not only limited in extending its services to the buyers, but it also incorporates an array of Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises as well as enthusiastic individuals. In short, it provides a platform for you to connect directly to the consumers right on your fingertips.

If you think that this is enough, then the Pandora box has just opened!

“Yas Sir” is equipped with a range of construction support services to aid the buyers in providing effective solutions to their problems, considering a budget friendly yet a perfectly suitable approach and determining finest design and bargain.


“Yas Sir” as the name suggests, aims to provide an extraordinary service by giving a platform to the fresh as well as seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs, contractors and vendors to get in touch with buyers across Gujarat with just one click. It endeavors to make the virtual dealings easier and hassle free. It also aspires to be a one-stop shop for all the consumers seeking professional aid in the matters of construction, property and contractual services.


Yas Sir envisages emerging as a wide and diverse service providing portal for the construction field with its reach across the nation by constructing, bonding and involving variety of vendors and providing accurate and genuine services to the clients.

What We Do?

There is a very popular saying in Gujarati, “ધરતી નો છેડો ઘર.” (option) But how much hassle it is to build a house of your dreams? Or finding a suitable office for your business? Starting from finding the best building materials or property to expert advices for beneficial solutions of your problems, there are numerous factors to consider, right? No sir, the time is over to be in doldrums. Forget the traditional bricks-and-mortar business model. Now, from searching the appropriate raw materials online for your property to connecting you to the consumers and dealers all across Gujarat, Yas Sir is here to provide you with the simplest of the solutions for the biggest of your construction problems.

Hit the nail in the head with Yas Sir! We are your local search service provider for all your construction requirements, where you will be able to find the smallest of your needs just a click away! Not only that, for the zealous owners of Small and Medium enterprises, Large enterprises and passionate individuals, Yas Sir, is an online marketplace to connect to the consumers in matter of no time. More than this, Yas Sir’s highly skilled and experienced experts provide practical and advantageous support services right from consultancy to construction support, and help you find cost effective and accurate solutions.

Just like the awe-inspiring and phenomenal conflux of two large river bodies, Yas Sir is a common platform where both, traders and buyers meet to create eminent opportunities and provide guaranteed results. So now, construction is without obstruction, Yas Sir!